Shower Repair & Restoration

Over time, the Tile, Grout, and Natural Stone of your shower will show signs of mold, mildew, and stains.

As hard as you try, you may not be able to completely clean it, resulting in endless scrubbing and money wasted on countless products. At this point, many people think they need to replace their shower altogether when this happens. However, professional deep cleaning, repair, and sealing can make your Tile or Natural Stone shower look new again.

At Tile Tech, we’ve developed a process that works to restore all types of showers, from Granite to Tile shower stalls. We begin by deep cleaning and removing old Silicone caulking to scrub away mold and mildew before repairing any Grout or damage and sealing to complete the shower restoration process.

Boise Shower Repair & Restoration

If you own a Tile or Natural Stone shower made up of Granite, Marble, limestone, Travertine, or another Natural Stone, then you know that cleaning it isn’t that hard, but making it look like new isn’t easy. Tile Tech recommends professional cleaning and sealing at least once a year to ensure the integrity of your shower as well as reducing natural dirt adhesives. Our Boise shower repair and restoration services include deep cleaning, sanitizing, repairs, sealing, polishing, and more, so your bathroom looks like-new again.

Deep Cleaning

Our expert technicians use specialized equipment to extract dirt and grime while thoroughly sanitizing your shower, surrounds, and other bathroom surfaces. We use nonabrasive yet effective methods with heat and pressure to remove dirt and other contaminants deep within the porous surface of Grout and Natural Stone to achieve the best possible outcome.

Silicone Caulk Removal

Silicone caulking should never be used as a substitute for Grout. As the adhesive property fails over time it breeds and cultivates mold and mildew because moisture becomes trapped behind the Silicone caulking. In situations where your shower needs restoration, Silicone caulk is ineffective. At Tile Tech, we will remove all Silicone caulking and replace it with new high-grade materials, protecting the edges and corners of Tiles from cracking or breaking while preventing the growth of unwanted mold and mildew.

Shower Sealing

Depending on the Tile or Natural Stone of your shower, some materials are more porous than others. Natural Stone is also more susceptible to staining. That’s why it’s essential to have your shower properly sealed. Whether your shower needs to be resealed or you’ve just had a stone shower installed, Tile Tech can professionally clean your Marble, limestone, and Travertine before applying a protective sealant that prevents permanent stains. We also provide Grout sealing and Grout color sealing services for Tile and Grout surfaces.

Crack & Chip Repair

No matter the Natural Stone of your shower, it can become scratched or chipped over time. This can become an unsightly nuisance in an otherwise pristine bathroom. At Tile Tech, we can repair most cracks, chips, and scratches seamlessly to restore your shower’s aesthetic value

Honing & Polishing

At Tile Tech, our honing and polishing services will restore the finish of your Natural Stone. Whether you want a highly polished, matte, or satin finish, we will deliver the exact look you want.

Tile Tech

Tile Tech is Boise’s premier shower repair and restoration experts. If you have a Tile or Natural Stone shower, you can trust us to clean, repair, and restore it back to a like-new condition. With thousands of satisfied customers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we provide exceptional results at affordable prices. Contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 695-8091 to discuss the individual needs of your project and to receive a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

We are fully licensed and insured and serve residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Treasure Valley area, including Boise, Garden City, Meridian, Eagle, and Star.